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BBQ Villain started in our kitchen, spurred from a love of cooking, creating new flavors and entertaining friends and family. 


We are a family run, small business.  We pride ourselves on our hard work and everyone in the family, (including the kids!) helps in the business.

Whether you’re cooking for a special family occasion at home, out by the campfire or having a good old-fashioned backyard Bar-B-Que, BBQ Villain blends will give your dishes the special flavor you are looking for.

We pride ourselves on keeping our spices real; our blends contain real ingredients, natural spices and no added fillers. 

In our research, we found that store-bought seasonings are filled with salt.  Why?  Because salt is cheap.  Our spices are full of flavor and use minimal salt only when necessary to enhance the flavor of the other spices in the blend.

BBQ Villain blends are versatile.  We list our favorite uses on the side of the container but GET CREATIVE!  Feel free to experiment with your own uses.

A BBQ Villain fan, Chris M., wrote us and told us that he sprinkled BBQ Villain Tangy seasoning on chopped tomatoes and cucumbers.  So, we gave it a shot and who would have guessed that it makes a perfect summer salad to have next to your burger!  (It also makes a great no-carb snack option!)

Spicy Seasoning on apples?  Yes.  Yes, it works.

Thank you for making BBQ Villain a part of your flavor arsenal. 

Do you have a recommendation for a spice blend or a great idea for a recipe? Go to our CONTACT US page and let us know!  We would love to hear from you.

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