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Irish Oaks Ranch is located in a fertile valley, in the rolling hills of the Central Coast of California. Approximately 10 miles off the coast of the great Pacific Ocean, the air is filled with moisture and the temperatures stay mild, which provides the perfect recipe to grow great things.


You will find grass fed meats, homemade soaps, lotions, honey and more at Irish Oaks Ranch. Check them out for great gifts and support another great small business!

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The Shotski specializes in making custom Shotskis that are garanteed to take your party to the next level.  All Shotskis feature high-resolution, full-color graphics and a unique magnetic shot-glass system that makes clean up a breeze. 


Designers are standing by and ready to make your design idea a reality.  So if you’re ready to make the good times even better visit and order your Shotski today!

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