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Digital Thermometer

Digital Meat Thermometer,The BBQ Thermometer double probes can test the food and BBQ temperature at the same time and display the display in Degrees Celsius and degrees Fahrenheit in turn.

  • When the temperature or time is not in the specified range, you will hear a beeping sound and icon start to flash by this digital cooking thermometer.
  • The Food temperature range is 32 ℉ - 572 ℉ and the default setting is 176 ℉. The maximum BARBECUE temperature range is 140 ℉-572 ℉ and the default setting is 176 ℉. The minimum BARBECUE temperature range is 32 ℉-554 ℉ and the default setting is 50 ℉.
  • Grill Thermometer Up to 100-meter operating range in the open field.
  • Powered by a chargeable 300mAh high capacity lithium battery with this BBQ Thermometer,Grill Thermometer.

Digital Thermometer

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